Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Hamilton Lottery 2018.

The Hamilton Lottery was launched in 2016 and all proceeds went to the Club Development Fund providing funds towards the replacing of the savannah courts in spring 2016 and much needed refurbishing of the games room.The Lottery continues this year and just £25 will buy you a number which will go into 12 monthly draws for the full year, January – December, with a bonus prize in December. The lottery guarantees to pay back 50% in prize money. Last year over 120 people joined which meant £1500 was given out in cash prizes and £1500 raised for the Club Development Fund.  More people joining means bigger prizes and more money raised for the Club. 

Join now by completing the application form. This is available from the clubhouse or bar or can be downloaded by following the links below.

Applications to Maggie Saunders. Applications still accepted. 

Club Lottery 2018 – Application Form    Hamilton lottery- rules 

Next 2018  Lottery Draw –   Thursday 30 August     5.45pm

Come along….play some tennis or just have a drink …. and see if you’re a winner! 


Saturday 8th September – Back to school + Pig Roast