Tennis Tips

Tennis Tips

In and Out

  • If the ball touches any part of the line is is ‘IN’
  • You cannot have ‘MORE OUT THAN IN’

Receiving Serve

  • If you are receiving serve, your partner is probably in the best position to see the service line and call ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’
  • The receiver is often in the better position to call the other lines


  • Snow stops play but on the all weather courts it doesn’t stop for long
  • Many hands make light work. If you ┬ácan, please come down and help. Let Brent know if you are able to offer assistance at these times

Lights Out

  • All members are responsible for turning the courts lights off. If your group is the last off the courts, please make sure the lights are turned off.

Dragging the Courts, Removing Leaves and Litter

  • Don’t just leave it to the odd one or two members. If you have time at the end of the session, please consider dragging the courts. If you don’t help to look after the courts, you cannot complain about the state of them! See the Club Captain or Coaches on how you can help