Tennis Etiquette – All players

Tennis Etiquette – All players


  • For All Social and Practice Play – coloured tennis kit can be worn
  • Please no football/rugby or emblazoned “pop group” tee shirts, etc
  • For matches (Junior and Senior) – predominantly white shirts, white socks, and navy shorts or skirts and appropriate Tennis footwear

Free Play

  • Members can use courts to play with other members
  • Senior and Intermediate Tennis Players may play with a guest (on no more than two occasions). Please pay for your guest before you play (either at the bar or in the envelope provided on the main notice board as you enter the clubhouse).
  • Juniors are unfortunately only allowed to bring guests on official Fun Days, Open Days, etc
  • Everyone must vacate the courts by 9.30 pm
  • You must use your own tennis balls
  • If people are waiting to play, then members playing should vacate the court after playing a set. If you are just knocking up/practising, then please vacate the court after half an hour. Players coming off can then go on to the next available court. Everyone should have a fair chance of playing. Everyone needs to be flexible.There should not be exceptions
  • Up to two courts may be used by coaches. For larger coaching sessions etc the courts will be booked in advance

All Players, young and old, must consider each other

  • Please do not walk behind courts while a rally is taking place (this is dangerous). Wait for a break in play before passing behind a court
  • Tennis courts are for tennis and not for other sports (unless organised by the club)
  • Please use plastic drink containers. Glass can be very dangerous and therefore is not allowed
  • Please clear up all rubbish. Do not leave tennis ball tins, plastic bottles, etc
  • Please be polite at all times. Do not use bad language.
  • Any bad behaviour should be reported to the committee and action will be taken where necessary

Order of Play

  • See notice board for allocation of courts for match play, club nights, coaching, etc
  • See membership categories as to when you are allowed to play on the courts
  • Juniors may continue to play early evening if courts are free, but are expected to vacate the courts if adults are waiting


  • Lights are provided when necessary for Club Official Nights and Matches only
  • Please turn off lights as soon as play is finished
  • Please return the key to the bar while you play. This applies to ALL members
  • Lights must be turned off by 9.30pm.